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A mobile phone tends to be one of the necessary tool for us to keep contacts with friends and families. It is also one of the great way to enhance digital entertainment experience. But many people have come across different problems about how to make the best use of the mobile phone. Here is the resouces center, offering various useful tips and resources about mobile phone.

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It is a very important step to erase all data on Android phones before selling, returning or giving away, so Android Data Eraser comes here to help you to reach it easily.

In this lesson, we will show you how to wipe everything from Samsung Galaxy S2/3/4 permanently, so that you personal information will never leak out unconsciously.

Read this article to learn how to wipe all data and contents from your mobile phones with the best Cell Phone Data Eraser software.

How can I delete text messages and contacts from Samsung Galaxy phones? This article will be the guide, teaching you how to reach it in details.

Saving Android contacts as Excel (CSV or XLS) format is a good way to manage all your contacts on computer, and it is also convenient to import the file to another phone you want. Read this article to learn more.

Step by step guide on how to transfer contacts from android to computer directly with PC Tool for iStonsoft Android File Manager. Let's start now!

Don't want to switch devices for replying messages while you're working on the computer? Don't worry, you can do it with this powerful Android SMS Assistant program.

HTC is a famous smart phone brand and it occupied a large market share in recent years. Read this article to learn how to print text messages from HTC mobile phones easily.

Saving Samsung Galaxy/Note contacts on computer is a good way to protect vital contacts from lost due to all kinds of reasons. Here is the detailed steps to show you how to reach it.

Here is a simple guide, teaching all HTC or LG Android phones' users the steps to transfer or copy contacts from your cell phones to PC for backup.

Looking for a way to export your LG messages to computer and then print them out? Here is a solution for your choice. This article is a guide, teaching you how to print LG phone messages in details.

Want to find a tool to replace the Samsung Kies on your computer? Here, we have a suggestions for you. Just read this article to learn the best Samsung Kies alternative and how to perform it systematically.